MBVA stands for Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Association. MBVA is formed by Shri. S. R. Kulkarni in 2001, has over 200 members today. All Marathi prominent builders in Pune are members of the organization. Shri. Rajendra Pate is currently President of the organization and Shri. Sudhir Darode is Executive President. Shri. Kalyan Taware is Vice President while Shri. Charudatta Joshi is Secretary of the organization, Shri. Nandkumar Ghate is Treasurer. The organisation has its office at Prabhat Road. MBVA organizes various seminars, study tours for its members during the year. MBVA was formed to share best knowledge with all the builders and solve their problems with priority.


Group of builders operating in the Pune started this organization with various issues pending / unresolved with the Government. Started in 2001, prominently by Shri. S. R. Kulkarni to bring all the Marathi builders under one roof and to provide them with solution to their peculiar problems with various Government organizations.

Vision and Mission

‘MBVA’ is committed to planning a bright future for all Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayiks. The vision, mission and objectives of the Association will set the charter within which MBVA can identify the key result areas needed to attain the anticipated results for all its members.

Vision : (What are the aims of MBVA?)

To enhance the icon of the Construction Industry by continual development and to promote the utilization of standard and ethical practices, tendering procedures and relevant documents. To ensure that the policies, requirements and interests of the Construction Industry are recognized and accepted by the Governments and their different agencies.

Mission : (What is the role played by MBVA?)

To provide leadership, excellence in the representation and service to Marathi community of builders.

Objectives :

To obtain and make available all the pertinent data and information related to the Construction Industry.

To conduct seminars, study tours for the members desiring to gain knowledge of new practices prevalent in the Construction Industry.

To analyze, compute and manage funds and investments.

To undertake collectively a focused approach towards land acquisitions.

To operate in a sound manner and set examples for others.

To promote and maintain relationships between the MBVA and organizations or associations directly or indirectly related to the Construction Industry.

To help the builders/organizations to solve the problems they are facing in Government related issues.


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